Preparing for your Sunless Tan

How do you get the best tan possible?

Follow these easy preparation tips for your skin to achieve a long lasting bronze glow.

Before you come in for your sunless tanning session, you’ll want to make sure you follow these tips to achieve the ultimate bronzing experience:

  • Hydrate:  Make sure that you keep your skin moisturized during the three days preceding your spray tanning session.
  • Exfoliate:  Definitely exfoliate prior to your tanning session- South Seas offers their exclusive “Bora Bora Body Polish” to exfoliate gently and help keep your skin soft and smooth.  This step is crucial so you get an even tan.
  • Hair Removal: Any hair removal should be done the night before (or morning of)  your spray tanning session.
  • The day of your appointment: after your shower, do not put any moisturizer on your skin- or any other body product.  Your skin must be completely bare for the tanning product to work properly.

Make sure you also check out the South Seas moisturizing sunscreen- regular sunscreens will remove your tan – but South Seas offers a special sunscreen to keep your tan looking great- and protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Call today to set up your appointment– 585.247.4600 – and you will be well on your way to the bronzed goddess look you’ve been wanting to get all winter long.